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23, studying digital arts at kent uni

i'm obsessed with one piece

i also post a bunch of other stuff, mostly berserk, gangsta., sports anime and i suppose anything i find funny or cute

i draw and cosplay


it’s been a trying past few days

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I’m drowning in stuff to do, so only this from my spoiler tumblr!

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Turtle dances while showering. [video]

Shitbaby: *insults my fave*
Me: *bethesda npc voice* you never should have come here


❤ Brain.Curry ❤

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ah you’re watching Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure? I love that show! The way they all just [clenches fist] die



wake up america

it me, .
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May be someday I’ll color it.

Happy birthday to my lovely friend Lili~:D

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personal, this whole thing is just so exhausting, its been less than a month since uni started, and i've already missed like a week's worth of lectures/workshops, .


マイルドヤンキー、集めました。 by ma2  [posted with permission]

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do u ever just try to like hold everything in because you don’t wanna burden people with your problems and don’t want them to feel sorry for you but at the same time when no one can see that you’re depressed you just wanna yell to the world that you’re upset

ye, .


like mother like son

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